So, in this post I will be announcing some of the features that are going to be coming to Sputnik, keep in mind, this is not a 100% comprehensive list, we do have more ideas and plans for features, but they are just not ready to be announced yet, so they will not be announced.

Administrator Functionalities:

This plugin contains the commands that allow moderators and admins to run the guild from any device with easy commands to use. Some of the commands are: Ban, Forceban, Softban, Nuke, User Info, Kick, Mass Kick, Slowmode, Warnings, Message Archiving, and Mass Banning.

I will go more into detail about all of these commands at sometime later, but for this post, we will be talking about nuke and warning. The nuke command is something that we were inspired by rowboat to have, though we changed it up a bit, in rowboat, only the global administrators of the bot could run the command, which the Sputnik Team thought was fine, but we were attempting to improve on any features that we got inspired by from other bots, so we brainstormed a bit, and now we have the behaviour we have now. The nuke command will default to server owners only due to the system we have. Which is when someone runs it without a special flag (the flag indicates that we are running it as a global nuke) the bot will go and ask for confirmation in each of the servers that the guild owner owns which the bot is in, then a moderator or higher, can either react with an X or a Check Mark to either not ban or ban the user respectively. Though when a global admin runs the command with the global nuke flag (only usable by global admins), the bot will go through every server it is in and ask for ban confirmation. The syntax for this command is: {pre}nuke [-g] <User: Snowflake> <Reason: String...>, where {pre} gets replaced by whatever teh guild's custom prefix is. The warning command on the other hand, is a bit less intense and is used to help keep track of troublesome users that violate the rules, but you don't want to get rid of them entirely because it may have been their first offense. The syntax for this command is: {pre}warn <User: Mention|Snowflake> [Reason: String...]. When you run this command, it will add an infraction to the user within our system, this means that if you keep having problems with people, you can see their history of infractions within the bot, infractions are anything and everything from being banned to being muted. This allows servers to see how much of a trouble maker a user is when they join their server, the reasons for infractions are not displayed to other servers, only the server that they were made in, and if an infraction is denoted as not being serious in our database, it will not appear on the infraction overview of the user, but it will still exist for that server. By default, all infractions are denoted as serious and the only way as of the time of this posting to denote them as not serious, is by contacting the dev team and appealing the infraction to them.


This plugin will allow you to receive updates when events happen in your server. The full event list that can be tracked is not yet decided on, but it will be at least all of the events that Discord's gateways trigger for.


This plugin is essentially auto-mod on steroids, it will prevent users from coming into your server and doing a variety of things. Actions that are currently planned to prevent are, message spamming, link spamming, server advertising (both in usernames and in messages), newline spamming, and more. The action that the bot takes for any of these limits is configured on a per-trigger level, meaning if you want someone to be banned for server advertising but only muted temporarily for message spamming, you can do that.


This is the first premium feature that we are announcing. This plugin will allow you to set a custom DM token for your server (we do make sure that this token is 100% unique to your server before allowing usage of it), which then can be used in a DM with Sputnik to allow the user DMing Sputnik, to communicate in a private manner with your server moderators or administrators in a custom channel. The exact way that this will appear in your server is undecided as of the time of posting, but we are thinking of using a special channel category for the bot to create the channels that mirror the DMs in. This is useful in larger servers where you may have a few thousand people wanting to suggest something to the moderation team but not in a public channel. But because this is built into the overarching bot, there is a couple drawbacks to using this over a separate bot, these drawbacks are the fact that the bot's playing message cannot be set because it would affect all the servers the bot is in, as well as, when the user DMs the bot, they must prefix their message with something like {token}: Hai Mod team! where {token} is the custom token that you set in the server's configuration.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of features for the bot, just what is being announced today.